No Holds Bard

The Shakespeare Podcast Shakespeare Would Have Listened To.*

NHB 127 - Man Is A Giddy Thing

This week we’ll get giddy, see Lear better, and give our unbiased ear to Alexander Waugh’s recent assertation that he can prove that William Shakespeare was actually Edward de Vere based on encryptions in the title and dedication pages of Aspley’s edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets of 1609.

NHB 124 - The Shakespeare High Sorting Hat

For this month's Wildcard episode, Dan and Kevin take all the characters that have been selected to Shakespeare High to date via The Shakespearian Hockey League (episode 17), Shakespeare League Baseball (episode 42), 177Shx (episode 56), Shakespeare Fantasy Football (episode 64), and the All-Shakespeare Girls Professional Baseball League (episode 94) and sort them into their respective Hogwarts houses. 

NHB 121 - The Sepia Sessions: THE WINTER'S TALE

For this month's Wildcard episode, Dan and Kevin invite all the #Bardflies to join them at their neighborhood bar as they share a pitcher and discuss the Seven Stages Shakespeare Company's upcoming production of THE WINTER'S TALE that Dan will be directing this fall. 

(And if this is your first episode - NHB promises there's much less background noise, though not necessarily any more sobriety, in the rest of the catalogue.)

NHB 118 - My Old Brain Is Troubled

This week we’ll trouble our brains, foil Queen Mab, and defend the University of Southern California’s definitely-intentional choice to spell Shakespeare without the final “E” on a statue at the centerpiece of their recent $700 million facility upgrade.

NHB 117 - We Watch WILL

For their second Wildcard episode of the month, Dan and Kevin discuss the pilot episode of TNT's new series WILL, a show that "tells the wild story of young William Shakespeare's arrival onto the punk-rock theater scene in 16th century London."

NHB 115 - These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

This week we’ll delight in violence, catch the Scottish King, and reach out to the director of Torn Out Theater to see why Dan and I weren’t called in to audition for the currently running “nude, all-male, body-positive” outdoor production of HAMLET currently running in Manhattan and Brooklyn.