No Holds Bard

The Shakespeare Podcast Shakespeare Would Have Listened To.*

NHB 171 - No Legacy Is So Rich As Honesty

This week we’ll definitely live, trouble our legacies, and reserve our ticket to San Weng, Fuzhou, China, where the local government has recently gained the approval of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to create the first copies of the houses in which Shakespeare was born and died.

NHB 169 - Anon, Anon

This week we’ll get to it anon, search for sympathy, and bring in our crack legal team to dissect the newly found documents that show Will’s father John Shakespeare was harassed by Crown informers, which very well may have influenced Will’s attitude towards power and class (aka that dang gub’mint).


Dan and Kevin finally attempt a Wildcard episode they've been dreaming of since the podcast started - a Mystery Science 3000 / RiffTrax-style commentary track to the episode of 90's kids show WISHBONE - PRINCE OF WAGS where Wishbone finally took on Shakespeare.

To maximize your listening experience, you can watch the episode in real time with us; the version we viewed is available on Youtube at

NHB 166 - We Are Shame-Proof

This week we’ll live free of shame, shoot on some heroine, and dive deep on the brewing brouhaha the New York Post reported on this week between the Public Theater and the Federal Aviation Administration regarding helicopters interrupting Shakespeare in the Park.

NHB 164 - The Wooing Is Too Urgent

This week we’ll woo with urgency, shine the green light on King Lear, and break down a few of the 2600 new sonnets created by a sonnet writing bot created by researchers at IBM Research Australia, the University of Toronto, and the University of Melbourne.

NHB 162 - 'Twas A Rough Night

This week we’ll rough it out, seek motivation, and tip our cap to Ian McKellan and his retirement from Shakespeare, as he has promised his current run of King Lear will be his final spin with the Bard (and no one ever goes back on saying they’re retired from one specific type of performance). 

NHB 157 - The Antoniad Debrief

Dan and Kevin welcome special and long overdue guest Christine Penney as the three discuss the highs and lows of the Seven Stages Shakespeare Company's Antoniad, a continuous one-day, seven-ish hour presentation of the plays linked in the Antonio fan theory we discussed way back in Episode 21 - Twelfth Night, The Tempest, The Merchant of Venice, and Much Ado About Nothing.